The Rutgers Geology Museum, the oldest geology museum in the United States, was founded by state geologist and Rutgers professor George Hammell Cook in 1872. Its exhibits showcase the natural history of New Jersey, focusing on geology, paleontology, and anthropology.

Since its opening, the museum has operated on the building's second floor, offering free tours to small groups, schools, and to the general public. In recent years, exhibits have been updated and programs have been developed in order to foster a learning environment suitable for children and adults alike.

We strive to provide a wide range of unique learning experiences that will enhance our visitors understanding of the natural world.

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See what others are saying about the museum...

"The museum is filled with exciting information about ancient life as well as modern day. I enjoy assisting visitors explore the various exhibits the museum offers and learning new things myself. It is a great experience to be working here."
- A Rutgers Geology Museum Volunteer
"This was about the sixth time I've gone to a Geology Museum 'Open House' and as before found the talks educational, entertaining, and just plain FUN!! It makes me proud to be a 'Scarlet Knight'...Class of '76..."
- Rutgers Alum, on attending the Rutgers Geology Museum's 46th Annual Open House
"Thank you so much for gving us a tour of the Rutgers Geology Museum. It was very informative and the Scouts were able to earn their Geologist Badge & beltloop. They all loved the mastodon and mummy! Thank you for doing this for us."
- Cub Scout Pack Leader
"Wow! I had such a fun time at the museum. I enjoyed seeing the mummy, dinosaur bones, and minerals. In addition I had a wonderful time doing the scavenger hunt. I hope we can go to the museum again some day."
- 3rd Grade visitor to the Museum