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We have birthday parties down to a science!

If your child has a love for dinosaurs, fossils, mummies, or minerals, then celebrate their next birthday at the Rutgers Geology Museum. We offer geologic themed birthday parties for children ages 5 and older, which can be booked on weekends.

We now offer two birthday party packages with your choice of a guided tour and scavenger hunt or two arts & crafts activities and scavenger hunt for our regular package. Our Paint Along Birthday Party package includes a 1.5 hour step-by-step guided instruction of a natural history themed painting.

Party Times

Birthday parties are held at times when the museum is closed to the public so that you and your group can have the entire place to yourself. Parties can be reserved during one of the following time slots. All dates are subject to the museum's avaliability.

  • Saturday- 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm
  • Sunday- 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm

Book a birthday party at the Museum!


Regular Birthday Party Package

Choose a birthday party theme from one of the four listed below. Standard birthday party packages cost $400 and include the choice of two arts & crafts (listed below each theme) OR a guided tour of the museum:

Fossils and Dinosaurs

Travel back millions of years to when the dinosaurs roamed the Earth with activities such as:

  • Making a stegosaurus hat
  • Creating your own fossil necklace
  • Constructing a dinosaur diorama
  • Fashioning your very own movable dinosaur
  • Use stamps to create your very own fossil footprint trackway

Ancient Egypt and Mummies

Is your child fascinated by the ancient Egyptians? With this birthday party package, your child and friends will have the choice of:

  • Making your own cartouche
  • Creating your own 3D pyramid
  • Decorating your own headband or cuffs with hieroglyphics
  • Constructing a 3D mummy
  • Coloring in your own sarcophagus

Gems and Minerals

Discover the wonders of gems and minerals with this party package, which includes activities like:

  • Painting your own pet rock
  • Mineral Bingo
  • Create your own mineral playing cards

Paint Along Birthday Party Package


Your child and their friends will work with our staff to help them create a stunning natural history based masterpiece! We will provide all the materials and simple instructions to create their very own painting on a canvas in one 1.5-hour session. Our capable and friendly instructors will be there to guide your child and their guests through the painting process step-by-step. No prior painting or artistic experience is needed.

This party package is not recommended for children under the age of 6 and an additional supply fee of $60.00 will be charged.


Choose from one of the following painting themes:

Host a birthday party at the Rutgers Geology Museum knowing your child and his or her friends are being inspired, creative, and educated!

See the Birthday Party FAQ page for pricing and any other questions you may have.


I just wanted to send a hearty THANK YOU for a wonderful time at my son Colin’s birthday party at your museum today. I expected a great party, but today far exceeded even those expectations! This was largely due to the great hosting by Erica, Tanya, and Alex. They were so patient, accommodating, and great with the kids from set up through cleanup! I cannot thank them enough and the rest of your staff for making Colin’s birthday party such a fun and exciting time. Thank you again! - Stephen from New Brunswick

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