• Fossils
  • Found a mystery rock? Email us a few photos of the specimen and we will have a geologist take a look! Make sure to include something like a pen or coin in the photos for scale.


Think you found a meteorite? Check out these links to self-identify your specimen. 


In-Person Specimen Identification

In-person mineral and fossil identification is offered at our Annual Open House each year in January. Check out the below link for information about the Open House event.


Before you bring your specimens in, here are a few tips that will help geologists with the identification:

  1. Bring as much information on your specimens as possible. If it belongs to a friend or family member, try to get the information from them prior to your visit. Information on its place of origin and how it was found are especially important.
  2. Please do not bring any hazardous materials to the museum.
  3. Extremely large or heavy objects should not be brought to the museum. Please contact the museum staff ahead of time if this applies to you.
  4. In some cases, a list of the object’s properties (weight, dimensions, magnetic properties, etc.) can help us to identify it.
  5. If you think you have found a meteorite, please check the two links above first to see if it might be a piece of slag instead.

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