Join us on Wednesday, March 2nd, for our Virtual Amphibians Late Night all about frogs, salamanders, and their relatives!




Event Schedule

6:00PM: Amphibian Trivia - How much do you know about amphibians? Join our Trivia Game and find out!

6:30PM: Amphibian Craft:

  • Toilet Paper Roll Frog: Toilet Paper Roll, Red & Green Construction Paper, Black & Green Markers/Crayons, Stapler, Glue, Scissors
  • Paper Plate Frog: Paper Plate/Bowl, Red/White/Green & Black Construction Paper, Black & Green Markers/Crayons, Glue, Scissors, Pencil

6:45PM: "Foul and Loathsome" Creatures: Polluted Habitats & New Jersey Amphibians - Guest Presentation by Laina Lockett, Graduate Student in the Rutgers Department of Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources

Tune in here!


Our Late Night events, held once per month on Wednesday evenings, will continue virtually this semester! Each Virtual Late Night consists of do-at-home arts & crafts, a trivia game, and a presentation by a guest speaker. Activities are related to the night's specific theme, which come from a variety of natural history topics including geology, anthropology, astronomy, paleontology, biology and more. Late Nights events are designed to educate, as well as entertain, and can benefit children and adults alike!