• Virtual Geologic Cores Late Night
  • Geologic Core
  • Topic: Geologic Cores
  • Geologist / Speaker: Museum Director, Dr. Lauren Adamo
  • Event Date: 2021-12-01
  • Event Presentation Recording
  • Event Recording
  • Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM EST: Cores Trivia Game

    • How much do you know about geologic cores? Join us and find out!

    6:30 PM EST: Craft Activity - Sweet & Salty Ice Cores!

    • Supplies needed: Narrow drinking glass/vase/tube, sugar, salt, black pepper. Optional supplies: Spoon, funnel.

    6:50 PM EST: Guest Presentation - Geologic Cores

    • Museum Director, Dr. Lauren Adamo, will give a short presentation about geologic cores and why they are so important to geoscientists!
    • Presentation Recording

Join us on Wednesday, December 1st to learn about all the uses of geologic cores! Scientists use these important tools to see deep into the Earth, everywhere from the ocean floor to the poles!

This virtual, online event will include do-at-home educational activities, a trivia game, and a guest presentation! The event is free and open to visitors of all ages!