• Virtual Meteorites Late Night
  • Meteorite
  • Topic: Meteorites
  • Geologist / Speaker: Dr. Juliane Gross
  • Event Date: 2021-05-05
  • Event Start Time: 18:00:00
  • Event Presentation Recording
  • Event Recording
  • Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM EST: Meteorite Trivia Game

         How much do you know about meteorites? Join us and find out!

    6:30 PM EST: Awesome Asteroids!

         In this activity, you will make your very own asteroid!
         Materials needed include clay or play-doh and a spoon. Optional supplies: Sand, Pebbles.

    6:50 PM EST: Guest Presentation about Meteorites

         Dr. Juliane Gross, Associate Professor at Rutgers and NASA Deputy Curator of the Apollo Moon Samples,
         will give a short presentation about meteorites and her experiences both discovering them and studying them.
         Be sure to stay until the end if you have any questions about these awesome space rocks!


Join us on Wednesday, May 5th and take a trip into outer space! During this event, participants will learn what makes a meteorite a meteorite, the different types of meteorites, where they come from, and what they are made of.

This virtual, online event will include do-at-home activities, a trivia game, and a guest presentation. The event is free and open to visitors of all ages!