• Virtual Hydrothermal Vents Late Night
  • Hydrothermal vent
  • Topic: Virtual Hydrothermal Vents Late Night
  • Geologist / Speaker: Ramaydalis Keddis
  • Event Date: 2021-02-03
  • Event Presentation Recording
  • Event Recording
  • Event Schedule:

    6:00 PM EST: Hydrothermal Vents Trivia Game

         How much do you know about one of the Earth's most extreme environments? Join us and find out!

    6:30 PM EST: Riftia Vent Worm Craft

         Supplies Needed: Clear drinking straw, glitter or dry rice, clay/play-doh (red), glue.

    Bonus Activities:

    6:50 PM EST: Guest Presentation about Hydrothermal Vents

         Dr. Ramaydalis Keddis will give a short presentation about hydrothermal vents and the amazing creatures that live on and
         around them! Be sure to stay until the end if you have any questions!

Join us on Wednesday, February 3rd and take a dive to the ocean floor to learn about the mysteries of hydrothermal vents! During this event, participants will learn about the different types of organisms that call these strange environments home and how life is able to survive at such extreme temperatures! 

This virtual, online event will include do-at-home arts & crafts, a trivia game, and a guest presentation. The event is free and open to visitors of all ages!