• Students touring the Museum

The Geology Museum provides free* tours for K-12, university, and non-profit groups** of all ages. Guided tours include presentations on dinosaurs, geology, the Ice Age, and mummies, with special attention given to our New Jersey based exhibits. Each tour includes a 30 to 40 minute guided presentation, several hands-on educational activities, and a scavenger hunt of the exhibits. Additional activities can be added to the tours for a minimal fee. Tours can be scheduled during our normal business hours and on the select Saturdays. Tours are only available on Fridays during the month of July and are not available in August. All dates are subject to availability.

Prior registration is required a minimum of 2 weeks before the proposed tour date for groups of 10 (minimum number of people required to book) to 50 people. Please contact the museum about special arrangements for groups of more than 50 people.

* Premium tours (fossil and mineral patch tours) can be booked for an additional fee.

** Effective March 1, 2017, any tours booked by a for-profit agency are subject to a $10 per person for every adult and $5 per person for every child fee. The free tours must be booked directly by a representative of the K-12, university, or non-profit group and not associated with a 3rd party receiving monetary or other benefits from the arrangement of the tour.

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Guided Museum Tours

Join us as our tour guides walk you through some of our most popular exhibits in the museum. Tours will cover the following topics:

  • Dinosaurs and Paleontology
  • The Ice Age and the Mastodon
  • Egypt and Mummies

For younger children (recommended for ages 6 and below), we offer a Dinosaur Story Time tour. In this tour, our guide will read a dinosaur-themed story book to the group as well as provide each participant with a scavenger hunt. 

See below for a list of educational arts and crafts activities that can be added on any guided tour for the cost of $1 per participant.

Fossils and Dinosaurs

  • Making a stegosaurus hat
  • Creating your own fossil necklace
  • Constructing a dinosaur diorama
  • Fashioning your very own movable dinosaur
  • Use stamps to create your very own fossil footprint trackway

Ancient Egypt and Mummies

  • Making your own cartouche
  • Creating your own 3D pyramid
  • Decorating your own headband or cuffs with hieroglyphics
  • Constructing a 3D mummy
  • Coloring in your own sarcophagus

Gems and Minerals

  • Painting your own pet rock
  • Mineral Bingo
  • Create your own mineral playing cards


Boy Scout, Cub Scout and Girl Scout Tours

The Geology Museum offers programs for Scout groups to help them complete the requirements for several different badges and electives. While these programs were developed for Scouts, they are perfect for school groups as well!

rutgers-geology-museum-cub-scout-tourPatch Tours

The Rutgers Geology Museum offers two STEM-themed patch programs: Amazing Minerals and Fossil Fun! These programs were developed for Girl and Cub Scout groups, but can be booked by any group of 10 or more. Each program will guide the group through a different geology-related topic and each participant will go home with their own lesson kit!

Patch programs cost $10 per participant and were developed for K-6 age groups. Visit our Programs for Scouts page for more information and to schedule your program!


Pumpjack PixabayGeology Merit Badge Program

In this program, scouts will learn about Earth's natural resources, talk to real geoscientists, and create a subsurface structure map that will be used in an interactive oil drilling activity. This program will allow scouts to fulfill all the requirements of the Geology Merit Badge. 

The Geology Merit Badge program costs $20 per participant and was developed for children in grades 6-12. Visit our Programs for Scouts page for more information and to schedule your program!


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