Ask A Geologist Web Series

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Our "Ask A Geologist" web series will continue this Fall! Tune into these online sessions, where we hope to engage children and answer their questions! Like all of our events, this virtual event is completely FREE!

During each event, our geologist will first introduce the day's geologic topic and then answer your questions about it! Events are primarily aimed at elementary and middle school aged children, but all ages are welcome to join and learn something new!

Send in your questions ahead of time using this form or post one in the online chat during the presentation!

Click on this link to tune into the event!

For a list of past presentations and video recordings, click here.

Fall 2021 Event Schedule

Click on the presenters' names in red to see their presentation slides or click on the topics in red to see a video of the event!

 Date  Time  Geologist Title, Affiliation  Topic
October 21
6:00 PM EST Michael Schwab Education Coordinator
Meteor Crater & Barringer Space Museum, Arizona
Meteor Crater

Thursday, November 18 6:00 PM EST Dr. Sally Warner Assistant Professor of Climate Science & Physics,
Brandeis University
Ocean Turbulence

Thursday, December 16 6:00 PM EST Sean Stevenson Natural Resource Specialist,
Bluetriton Brands
Water Sustainability

Pandemic Hours

The Rutgers Geology Museum is closed until February 3rd.

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