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Have the Rutgers Geology Museum present at your library, summer camp, or community function this Summer! Rutgers geologists and Museum staff will visit your organization and present a fossil-themed activity!

The Museum offers programs for two age levels, and each takes about 45 minutes to  1 hour.


When: Weekdays during the months of June and July, subject to availability. 

Where: Your location must be within a 50-mile radius of the Rutgers New Brunswick Campus.
If over 50 miles away, additional fees may apply.

Cost: $75 for one program or $125 for both programs.
Price is based on a maximum of 30 children per program. Contact us for larger group pricing.

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Children participating in a fossil activity.2023 Programs

Fossil Footprints: All Ages

Museum staff will talk about fossils, how they are made, and show a few examples. Participants will also get to make their own fossil trackways using stamps!

Fossil Investigation: 4th Grade and Up

Museum staff will discuss fossils, how they form, and what they can tell us about ancient environments. Participants will also get to search for fossils in a geologic core, and determine how the environment has changed through time based on the fossils they find!




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