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In Search of Earth's Secrets

JOIDES Resolution 3 ea4afHave you ever wondered what lies beneath the seafloor? Or what ocean sediments and rocks tell us about the history of the Earth? Or how we retrieve these sediments from the bottom of the ocean? Join us for a variety of events sponsored by the National Science Foundation and hosted by the Geology Museum and the New Brunswick Free Public Library that will answer some of these questions! Click here for the event schedule.



New Exhibits

3-Part Meteorite Exhibit

Meteorite Blog Cover Image

Visit the Museum's newest exhibit about meteorites and planetary science! This three-part exhibit details the formation history of our Solar System, describes the origin and differences between the types of meteorites, and describes the formation of layered planets, like our own.




'Amazing N. alesi ' Exhibit

Skull of juvenile ape, N. alesi

View the Museum's new exhibit about a recently discovered, 13 million year old juvenile ape skull from Kenya! This exhibit explains how scientists used its teeth to determine its age at death and how the size and shape of its inner ear can be used to infer how it moved. You will also learn about the different types of monkeys and apes and their evolutionary history and relationships!

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Saturday Tour Day
20 Jul 2019 10:00AM - 01:00PM
Once a month, the Geology Museum offers guided tours to pre-arranged groups on the weekends. There...

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