Scout Patch Tours

Girl and Boy Scout Patch Tours


Working on a merit badge? We can help. The Geology Museum offers tours to local scouting groups to help them complete the requirements for several different merit badges and activities. While aimed at girl scout and boy scouts groups, these tours are also great for school groups. Check out our program pamphlet.




Patch Tours

The Geology Museum offers two STEM-themed patch programs!  These tours are aimed toward Scout groups, but can be booked by any group of 10 or more.  Each 30 to 45 minute tour will guide the group through a different geology-related topic and each participant will go home with their own lesson kit!

Tours are appropriate for all K-12 age groups; activities will be tailored to the age of each group.  Click here to schedule your patch tour!


Amazing Minerals Tour

Photo of Amazing Minerals Tour Patch


Participants will learn about the three rock types, how they are formed, and how geologists define minerals and their properties. Children will take home their own mineral identification kit.  This tour fulfills the requirements for the Cub Scouts' Earth Rocks! Elective Adventure

This tour costs $10 per participating child. Patches are optional and cost an additional $2 per child. 





Fossil Fun Tour

Fossil Fun Tour Patch


The Fossil Fun Tour will teach participants about the different types of fossils and how they are formed. Children will even be able to make their own fossil dig kit!

This tour costs $10 per participating child. Patches are optional and cost an additional $2 per child. 



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