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New Patch Tours for Girl and Boy Scout Groups

Girl Scout Fossil PatchWelcome to our new museum blog, where we hope to show our visitors more about the exciting new things happening at the Rutgers University Geology Museum (RUGM)!

The heart and soul of our outreach and education activities at the RUGM has always been our group tour program.  Thousands of K-12 and university students tour our museum each year, while learning about some of our most popular exhibits.  This program has been and will always be free, but we have been working hard to provide new STEM programing that will not only encourage new groups to visit the RUGM, but also encourage other groups to come back again. 

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Giant Spider Crab Restored after 35 Year Absence

lightbox-spotlight-rutgers-geology-museum-giant-spider-crab-returns-to-museumGiant Crab Display Comes Back to Rutgers Geology Museum Three years of painstaking restoration make century-old gift from Japan look new again Written by Carl Blesch and originally published on Monday, June 22, 2015 for Rutgers Today Japan sent several of its young citizens to Rutgers in the late 1800s to receive a Western education, and it showed its appreciation to the university in a big and unique way – with the gift of an 11-foot-wide exoskeleton of a giant spider crab native to that country’s waters. Rutgers mounted the gift with pride on the balcony wall...

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Summer 2019 Hours

lightbox-spotlight-geology-museum-summer-hoursPlenty of summer fun to be had at the Rutgers Geology Museum! As Rutgers University reaches the end of another academic year, we would like to congratulate the graduating Class of 2019! Starting on May 20th, 2019, the Rutgers Geology Museum will be transitioning into its summer schedule, and will be operating under different hours than during the academic year.

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Experiencing Geology First Hand at Ringing Rocks Park

spotlight-field-trip-boulder-field Written by Melissa Kaye, Geology Museum Volunteer When I first came to the Rutgers Geology Museum, I was not expecting to find much. I thought that I would see some fossils and minerals and that would be the end of it. However, my experience ended up being so much more than just rocks and dinosaurs. After my first visit, I knew that I wanted to make geology a part of my life more permanently.

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Happy Birthday!


Looking for a fun and educational place to host your child's next birthday party? We now offer Gems & Minerals, Ancient Egypt & Mummies, Fossils & Dinosaurs and Paint Along themed birthday parties at the museum. Reservation packages for children age 5 and up can now be booked on our website.

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