As the end of January quickly approaches, we are busily preparing for the Rutgers Geology Museum’s 52nd Annual Open House Event. 


Image of earthquake seismic line and globeFor the 52nd year, visitors, science-enthusiasts, rock and mineral-hounds, and children young and old will converge on Rutgers’ College Avenue Campus on the last Saturday in January to spend the day embracing their inner geologist. Visitors to the event will be able to participate in all the well-loved activities including the lecture series, mineral sale, mineral identification station (sponsored by the Friends of Mineralogy: New Jersey Chapter), arts and crafts stations, hands-on children’s lectures, and special appearances by other local science centers. The theme for this year’s Open House is Natural Disasters.


With endless reports of earthquakes and hurricanes in Puerto Rico, crippling droughts in California, and raging wildfires in Australia, it has become more important than ever to understand these natural disasters and what we can do to try to prepare for them and lessen their effects. 


Photo of first speaker, Ross Stein of Temblor IncOur first speaker, one of the world’s top experts in earthquakes, Dr. Ross Stein of Temblor, Inc will discuss (using demos) how the gold rush and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake helped us toward the theory of plate tectonics and our current understanding of seismology. Afterwards, geophysicist Dr. Vadim Levin, of the Rutgers Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, will discuss his discovery of an enormous mass of warm rock that is rising beneath New England.


Visitors will also hear from people working in the industry side of natural disasters. Megan Arnold, of Risk Management Solutions, will discuss the economic impacts of these catastrophic events and how they are able to use computer models to help people prepare ahead of time.


Image of volcanoMark your calendars, break out your winter jackets, and stop by our 52nd Annual Open House for a fun and educational day exploring Natural Disasters!


Events will be held at Scott Hall and Geology Hall on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 between 9 am and 3 pm. Download a copy of the Open House Flyer or visit the Open House webpage for details on locations and times.  All events are free to the public and no pre-registration is required.