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  • What types of groups are eligible to schedule a tour?
    Any group of 10 or more people can book a tour of the Geology Museum. Patch Tours require a minimum of 5 participants.
  • What if I have less than 10 people?
    We do not schedule guided tours for groups with less than 10 people. However, your group is welcome to come anytime during our normal hours for a self-guided tour. Scavenger hunts are also always available at the front desk for all visitors and self-guided tours. Just ask an employee.
  • How do I book a tour?
    Please fill out a tour request form on our website. Once we receive it, someone from the RUGM staff will contact you about availability and details.
  • What days are available for tours?
    Tours can be booked Tuesday through Friday during our normal business hours and on the third Saturday of every month. Dates are subject to availability.
  • How far in advance should I book a tour?
    We require a minimum of two weeks notice prior to the tour date but we suggest you book your tour two months in advance.
  • What is the entrance fee for the museum?
    No fee. We are open and free to everyone.
  • What additional activities can I add onto a tour?
    For the price of $1 per person, per activity, you can add several dinosaur, Egypt, or geology themed arts and crafts activities. A list of the activities can be found on our tour request form.
  • How can I pay for additional activities?
    The museum accepts credit cards, cash, or checks made out to "Rutgers Geology Museum."
  • When is the payment for additional activities due?
    Payment for any additional activities is due on or before the scheduled date of your tour.
  • What type of tours do you offer?
    We offer self-guided or guided tours. Our normal guided tour covers topics on dinosaurs, the ice age and Egypt. We can also modify our tours depending on the group's needs.
  • We are part of a Cub Scout and/or Girl Scout group; do you provide special tours for these groups?
    Yes. Check out our special group tours section to see how we can accommodate your group's needs.
  • Where can I park?
    Please check out our Directions and Parking page for more information.
  • Where can we park the school bus?
    There is no parking for school buses on the College Avenue Campus. Buses will need to pull up along one of the side streets, dismiss the students, and then proceed to either the Busch or Livingston Campuses to park. Please see our Directions and Parking page for more information.
  • How long is a tour?
    The guided tours lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. We suggest budgeting about 1.5 to 2 hours in the museum for the basic tour and scavenger hunt. This also allows some time in the gift shop. We are also able to shorten or lengthen the tours depending on your needs.
  • What kind of activities does a tour provide?
    The guided tour offers several hands on educational activities as well as a scavenger hunt. Please contact the museum staff if you would like more details on the individual activities.
  • What age group is this appropriate for?
    All age groups (Pre-school, K-12, college, adults) are welcome because we tailor the tours, activities and content to the appropriate age level.
  • Is there a gift shop at the museum?
    Yes. The gift shop has a wide variety of natural history related items for sale. Prices ranges from $1.00 up to ~$20.00. The gift shop accepts credit cards, cash, or checks made out to "Rutgers Geology Museum."
  • Is the museum handicap accessible?
    Due to the building's historic nature, it is not handicap accessible and does not have an elevator. The museum is located on the 2nd floor and visitors must walk up two flights of stairs to enter the museum.

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